Need tips on wedding planning during the pandemic?

Need tips on wedding planning during the pandemic?

While the IATF regulations are still very fluid and dynamic, most wedding receptions have been very intimate with mostly family and very close friends in attendance. As with any other dining activity, al fresco venues are safest in terms of minimizing COVID-19 transmission. Some of our couples even required antigen testing for all their guests.

Instead of having tables of 10, the NOW NORMAL is to have setups for 5-6 pax per table. So be prepared for add-ons in terms of tables, chairs, and floral centerpieces with your caterer or event stylist. Yes, Filipinos enjoy buffets but as per regulations, a managed buffet is a MUST where there would be a server who will put the entree on the plate or better yet, plated so your guests will be seated and served to avoid long lines.

Don’t forget to remind your guests that minimum public health standards like wearing a mask except when eating and hand hygiene can also help break the transmission of the virus. Let’s work together to make your dream wedding a reality even in the middle of the pandemic. Exquisite tasting food, simple and elegant styling, and professional services brought to you by Cardinal Cuisine.

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