Top 5 Outdoor Wedding Themes of 2021

Top 5 Outdoor Wedding Themes of 2021

As we continue to experience the new normal, it is only natural that the wedding you are planning will be different from the ones held before COVID-19. Several rules should be followed in order to ensure the safety of those attending your event.

If you intend to tie the knot this year, keeping your guests to a minimum is necessary in order to observe proper social distancing protocols. An ideal wedding location would be outdoors. The open air and natural ventilation will reduce the risk of transmission and keep all persons safe throughout the ceremony.

Outdoor weddings may not be your first option as they are often associated with rustic or garden themes. But with a lot of planning and the right type of execution, outdoor weddings can still follow the theme of your dreams.

Here are the most popular wedding ideas that you might want to explore for your big day:

  • Forever Summer

No matter what the season, a summer aesthetic will keep your wedding warm and vibrant. It is best experienced at resorts or the beachside. 

  • Romantic Roses

Nothing speaks love more than a few hundred roses adorning your landscape. Archways, floral decorations, and even some candlelight will leave your guests speechless.

  • Modern

Modern themes are no longer reserved for indoor spaces. Draperies, unique geometric textures and very minimal decorations make for a very classy outdoor event.

  • Tropical Breeze

If you’re itching for a good journey, this might be the theme for you. Recreate the aesthetics of your favorite island and use exotic flowers to transform your venue into a paradise.

  • Coral Love

This orange-and-pink hue is finally getting the attention it deserves. Combined with the right colors, Coral will enhance the atmosphere of your location and give it a sense of warmth, happiness, and vibrance.

No matter what kind of wedding you want to hold, it is always best to think of the venue before deciding on the theme. More importantly, you must also work with the right event planner to help you style your ceremony according to your conditions and budget.

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